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Lots of people ask me where I get my ideas from. Mostly it's from looking, noticing, remembering, writing things down as they strike ... then mixing that all up and pulling something together. However, for my new range of Art Deco-inspired bags my idea path was much more linear.

A while ago I saw this pair of child's swimming togs on Pinterest...


I really loved the combination of the lighter striped fabric with black and although black is a colour I regularly wear (thanks Art School) I'd never considered combining it into my Emma Makes sewing.

I also loved the strappy detail of these togs and wanted to create that same feel. Here's what I made...



There are four kinds all together that you can see in my online shop. Each has a floral bottom with a black top and two strapping black nylon webbing straps on each side. All are also lined in black or charcoal and have an internal pocket.

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