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New plans & schemes for Emma Makes in 2013

2013 Announcements doubt new website

Towards the end of last year and over the summer holiday I've given a lot of thought to what I want from Emma Makes in 2013. This time last year I filled a notebook with ideas of new things to make and set myself a few goals but this year I wanted a bit more than that.

This time I wanted to build my little business but also keep it focused on the things I love and what I do best. For example, I am much better at creating relationships with strangers online than in person so I've decided to focus on online selling in 2013, which means no fairs - or maybe just one.

I know my online shop is filled with great things I've made but that it's often really hard to find them so I'm creating a new online shopping experience for Emma Makes. I hope to launch this soon and will then build it to it's full capacity between end January and mid-February.

I love sewing but shoulder bags haven't been huge sellers lately so I'm going to run limited time opportunities for customers to get their own customised shoulder bag - you pick the fabrics (from a selection) and style (beach, shoulder, pixie) and I'll make it. These will be well advertised here and on my Facebook page.

In addition to my handmade lines my new online store will offer great packaging and gift-wrapping supplies, pretty ribbons for wrapping or sewing and beautiful things for creating lasting experiences with friends.

Making it new
I also have lots of ideas for new products, which I'll roll out through the year. I'm hoping to focus more on homeware and entertaining too - but will keep to my pretty but practical ethos.

One of the highlights of last year was my fundraiser for Daffodil Day, which raised $360 for charity in just over 24 hours. I'm planning on doing another giving project this year and would love to hear your ideas.

The thing with being a one-woman business is you can either build yourself up or psych yourself out. Right now it's a bit of the latter - I need a spoonful of confidence and some earplugs to stop the voices of doubt telling me, "nobody will come to your new website."

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  • Mary Gordon on

    I am the delighted winner of a Good Magazine prize including one of your bags, and I’m extremely grateful – thanks! I will definately come to your new website. thanks, Mary.

  • Mary Gordon on

    That’s typepad… not blogspot

  • Rhiannon on

    As usual, you are my crafter idol. I want my crafty business to be just like yours when it grows up. All of your new plans sound super dooper, and it has inspired me to set some business type goals myself. Thanks!

  • tomandemma on

    Thanks Rhiannon that’s really kind. Look forward to hearing your goals.

  • tomandemma on

    Thank you!

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