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Limited offer: order a custom Emma Makes bag

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For a very limited time - during February and March 2013 - I'm giving customers the chance to order a custom Emma Makes bag in the fabrics of their choice. Here's how it works...

Choose your fabric
I've photographed 45 different fabric designs and added them to a Flickr gallery. I've included a normal-sized pencil in each photo so you get an idea of scale. See the fabrics. You can also watch them in a slideshow.

1. Choose a fabric that you'd like for the outside of your bag, and
2. Choose a fabric that you'd like for the inside of your bag.

*I'll keep the fabrics updated but if you want to check something is still available before you purchase, email me at emma.mccleary@gmail.com

Choose and buy your bag design
Head over to the Emma Makes website and buy the customised bag design you'd like. Make sure you let me know the numbers of the fabrics you'd like at checkout - or I'll just email and ask you if you forget.

You have three choices of bag style:

Pixie bag: Designed by Emma Makes when she wanted a cute handbag to take shopping, pixie bags have a similar capacity to shoulder bags but have short handles.

[caption id="attachment_279" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Example of the design of a pixie bag – choose whether you’d like a reversible bag or an internal pocket Example of the design of a pixie bag – choose whether you’d like a reversible bag or an internal pocket[/caption]

Shoulder bag: If you're a chronic over-carrier these are the bags for you. Roomy, strong and beautiful to boot.

[caption id="attachment_277" align="aligncenter" width="450"]brown-velvet-pink-flora Example of the design of a shoulder bag - also has internal pocket.[/caption]

Beach/Nappy bag:  HUGE beach bags are big enough for towels, spades, buckets and shells collected on a day at the beach. These are also great as nappy bags and have reinforced straps to allow for lots of lugging about of gear.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450"]emma-makes-beach-bag Example of the design of a huge beach bag/nappy bag - also has internal pocket[/caption]

Sewing time and expectations
I'll sew the bags in the order I receive the orders. That means if you order first you get first dibs on the fabric selection.

Please allow three weeks for your order to be sewn although I'll aim to do it much quicker than that.

Other guidelines
I reserve the right to add other fabrics to the gallery at any time.

Contact me
If you've got questions just email me anytime at emma.mccleary@gmail.com

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