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The kindness of strangers


Yesterday I came home to find a fat little letter in our mailbox, which always signals that any day is about to improve.

Inside was a lovely card and this ...


It's a bunch of dried bay leaves from Jo, a lovely Emma Makes customer who occasionally sends me mail. On Friday night we have tomato soup on the menu so I'll definitely be using these to make it taste even better. At Christmas I got an unexpected and wonderful Christmas card from Jo too, which I've been using as a bookmark since.

I've been really lucky with the kindness of strangers - people on Twitter have sent me fabric and old ladies have cleaned out their fabric and lace collections to give to me - all because they want someone to be able to use what they're not. I am frequently shocked that people are so nice to me, and always very grateful.

In a strange way this post, which developed from the arrival of the bay leaves fits what Becka and Richard are currently doing. Read about their latest project here.

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