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The ongoing cycle of publicity for a tiny business

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I was in the local paper last Friday talking about my craft, supporting the local economy and my plans for world domination.

I was talking to a friend recently who said they admired a local business who was happy to make a living from their products rather than aim for world domination and I have to agree - that's a much better plan. I would love to do Emma Makes full-time and think that's a worthy if very distant goal.

Part of what I try and do is to constantly drive awareness of Emma Makes without spending lots of money (that I don't have). The Times Age article was great and I've also done a little Emma Makes postcard drop (with 'Made in Featherston' stickers on them) around some local shops. If you have any other ideas or avenues let me know - it's a never-ending exercise really and I've found too that getting people to my website doesn't always mean making sales.

Read the Wairarapa Times Age story about  Emma Makes


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  • thismumrocks on

    A very worthy goal indeed!

  • Becka on

    It is an ongoing process, for sure. I really like the comment about making a living vs world domination though, if I could do Bliss in a Teacup in some form, full time, I would be completely happy with that. I’m realising more and more that I have to put myself out there and in front of people rather than waiting for them to come to me, so learning how to be a bit braver is the key for me at the moment!

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