An exciting collaboration with Tiny Eyes

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Over the weekend I received a really exciting email from Dee at Tiny Eyes asking me to collaborate with her in making an Emma Makes-inspired doll. She's asked a few New Zealand makers and all the dolls will eventually be sold online.

If you haven't come across Dee, she's a well-known crafter making individually handcrafted fabric dolls in her living room. She has a great following and I'm really excited to work with someone I admire on creating something truly different for me.

For now I need to think about how my doll will look (Dee will do the sewing) and what Emma Makes products it will have.

I'll keep you up to date on progress here and hope to post some drawings soon of my design and inspirations.



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  • I just thought on the train home – how can I make tiny sandals? So far she has tiny bag, tiny notebook, tiny pencils, tiny cat… Might need to be a bigger bag!

    tomandemma on

  • I’m going to do my best thinking how I can give her roman sandals.

    tomandemma on

  • Your dolly will have to have a bag, a book to read and cute shoes – possibly Roman Sandals.

    lynnjtaylor on

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