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Glory be: a pretty pretty Emma Makes update


I recently decided that I wanted to do something to make my Emma Makes website a little more homely and welcoming. I love the clean photos and the styling but something was missing ...

And now it's not.

I contacted illustrator Rosa-May Rutherford and we chatted about the job, things that represent Emma Makes and some of the motifs in my work to use; sailing ships, cameos, roses and sayings from my witty pencils. Then Rosa set to. The first version she sent through was almost entirely perfect.

So now my new background is installed I'm just looking at it like a parent with a new baby. Except my baby won't keep me up at night.

See the full glory here: http://www.emmamakes.com


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  • tomandemma on

    Thanks Rhiannon – I wanted something with pattern but that wouldn’t overwhelm. Job done! And yes, Rosa was a delight.

  • Sue Tyler (@styler) on

    it’s beautiful. I’m extremely jealous of your website

  • tomandemma on

    Thank you.

  • toastandcupcakes on

    The combo of the grey and pale pink is dandy. The two of you make a good combination!

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