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Imagining my Tiny Eyes doll

Making Tiny Eyes

Lately I've been thinking a lot about my Tiny Eyes collaboration - in between thinking about my new Autumn bags and purses, next year's trip to Japan and how I should read more books.

It's a hard thing creating a doll inspired by your brand. First I just wanted to dress it like me. Then I wanted to dress it in the clothes I'd wear if I was entirely different (for example, short shorts in a world where I had long, thin legs)...

To gather my thoughts together I decided to create an Emma Makes for Tiny Eyes Pinterest mood board where I could slowly add things that appealed until some clear themes emerged. Here's a few highlights below and you can also see my whole board on Pinterest.


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  • Alisa Muir on

    I sooo want to design a tiny eyes doll now. They are adorable.

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