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Drawing up my Tiny Eyes doll design

Inspiration Tiny Eyes

Yesterday I tied my studio and today was rainy and misty - the perfect combination for sitting down and finally drawing up my Tiny Eyes doll collaboration. See the other stages of the Emma Makes for Tiny Eyes project.

I ended up drawing the design up about three times - spending about three hours pottering away while listening to podcasts. Here's the process happened...

tiny-eyes-one I drew out the Tiny Eyes template and cracked open the art set that Santa gave me.

tiny-eyes-two I drew a blunt bob for my doll - a challenge because Tiny Eyes dolls usually have round heads. I needed mine to fit pretty closely to the standard pattern but look obviously like a bob.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="404"]tiny-eyes-three I outlined the hair in felt tip - I want it to be black or really dark brown. Seemed like a good idea to use felt tip at the time. But...[/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="404"]tiny-eyes-four I love the look of beads and tidying up my studio I found these few beads that someone had given me. So I made the doll a cute little necklace.[/caption]

tiny-eyes-five I created an example of the petticoat and started to draw a floral dress. But... you can see here that I watercoloured the hair, which then made the felt bleed out. Not a huge fan so I started again.

tiny-eyes-six Redo - creating the idea of a floral purple/ dark dress.[/caption]

tiny-eyes-eight I added a fabric sample to show that it would look like in real life. I also added a brown belt.[/caption]


tiny-eyes-seven I hadn't covered every pattern type known to man yet so drew spotted tights. And shoes with ribbons.

tiny-eyes-ten Last of all I added a bunch of written descriptions so that Dee (Tiny Eyes herself) would know what I intended - or what I was describing but not entirely wed to if she wanted to change it a bit in the making.
And now we wait... next time you see this project it will be as the actual Tiny Eyes doll. Exciting!

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  • toastandcupcakes on

    Love it – especially the beads!

  • Jax on

    Emma – you are amazingly clever. She is gorgeous! And I love how this blog showed the process of how you created her. Go you!

  • Dee on

    this is fabulous – thank you so much for documenting this!
    It’s interesting to see the process happen in pictures/on paper…it’s a process that ever only happens in my head so it’s neat to see it ‘out loud’ :)

  • tomandemma on

    I know what you mean – with my own products and sewing I just do it all in my head because I know everything so well. I really wanted to share my process with this project so was mindful about the stages, thinking and photos required. I really enjoyed it too (probably because it was a one-off).

  • Wolfies on

    Emma, she is beautiful. Such fabulous work/play!

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