I'm making new bags - progress shots

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This week I have a week off between my old job and new job so am spending some time stockpiling and also finishing up some new Emma Makes bags. Here's some progress shots - I plan to load some of the finished bags into my online shop in the next day or two. There's also heaps for sale online already.

Here's some progress shots...

Various bags all pinned and ready to sew.

Big bag style - rose and polka dot lining with grey blanket on the outside. The outside also has a red blanket stitch detail around the top. Internal pocket topped in red ric-rac.

Big bag style - pink wool printed with a white skull pattern. Topped and lined in polka dots. Internal pocket topped with blue ric-rac.

Pixie bags - many with leather handles. Mostly wool, some floral cottons. Dark colours and light, bright colours.

Two more green textured pixie bags - with apple lining. One with rainbow handles, one with green leather handles.

A new velvet pixie bag for me for work. There was fabric left over so I'm making two more to sell - they'll have leather handles and are lined with white cotton.

If you see anything you like I'm happy to let you know once I list it online. Email me at emma.mccleary@gmail.com with the subject line 'bag alert' and I'll email you once it's in my shop - before I share it elsewhere.


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