Hey I made some new bags

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It feels like I started these bags ages ago and now here at last they have been finished. Slowly, slowly I've been getting more bags onto my online shop and these the latest.

See all my bags from newest to oldest.

I love this cute little pixie - it's floral velvet with bright blue birds. I've upcycled a brown belt into handles and it's lined in white cotton.

This big bag is HUGE - made from and old grey army blanket, which had a great red stitching detail. I worked hard to keep it as part of the bag because it's rare to find the stitching in perfect order. I like that this bag is sensible on the outside but party inside - have a look for yourself.

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  • I am swooning over that first bag. Have been since i seen it on facebook today. But I already have a different pixie I want….. I am going to have a massive emma makes bag collection the way I am going… lol..

    Alisa Muir on

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