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Pick the pencils you want to create your own witty pack. 'Add to cart' the pencils you want, then update your quantities at checkout. Pencils are $3.50 each and you can buy as many as you like.

  • Afternoon naps,
  • Be a voice not an echo,
  • Be fabulous,
  • Bitches get stuff done,
  • Book lover,
  • Bring me snacks,
  • Cat lady and proud,
  • Choose happy,
  • Coffee stat,
  • Come sail your ships round me,
  • Corka,
  • Crafty,
  • Death of narrative cinema,
  • Don’t take that tone with me,
  • Duty calls,
  • Educational rockstar,
  • Facts are such horrid things,
  • God bless us every one,
  • Ginger ninja,
  • Hey you HB, 
  • Hopes & Dreams (with eraser),
  • I'd rather be op-shopping (with eraser),
  • If it ain’t baroque don’t fix it,
  • If not now when,
  • I can’t adult today,
  • I love a good yarn,
  • I love my cat,
  • I'm a feminist,
  • I'm not bossy I'm the boss
  • I’m so happy,
  • I'm a fabricaholic,
  • I write this sitting in the kitchen sink,
  • I read dead people (with eraser),
  • I’d rather be reading,
  • I’m a fan of literature,
  • Knit happens,
  • Knitters gonna knit,
  • Know your own happiness,
  • Makers gonna make,
  • Maniac on the dance floor,
  • Meow is the time,
  • Nasty woman,
  • Never judge a book by its movie,
  • Normal is boring,
  • Obstinate headstrong girl,
  • O captain my captain,
  • Only the brave teach,
  • Piano is my forte,
  • Plans & Schemes (with eraser),
  • Proud to be weird,
  • Road trips,
  • She is fierce,
  • Smash patriarchy,
  • Sorry I'm awkward sorry,
  • Stay classy,
  • Stay wild at heart,
  • Time to make a Liszt, 
  • Too hot to Handel,
  • Wassup wassup wassup,
  • Wild adventures,
  • 1893 World’s first votes for women pencil,

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