Child of the '80s pencil pack

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On Saturday nights in the '80s we stayed up late (past 7.30pm) and watched McGyver with Dad. Then we'd spend weekends building and playing spies and jumping on the tramp... once we'd taken our commando Ms off.

The 80s were great times for anyone who is now in their forties. Full of brilliant days outside, memorable catch-phrases and epic TV shows and movies.

Take five classic 80s references, chuck them in a kraft card box and you've got the Child of the 80s pencil pack.

Your five pencils are sharpened HBs and say:

  • Showtime Synergy
  • Goonies never say die
  • Swiss Army Knife/ duct tape (double-sided)
  • Monkey magic
  • By the power of greyskull.