Quilter’s Pencil Set

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Quilty as charged - you love patchwork and now there’s a pencil pack for you, with a special story behind it.

This pack has five HB pencils, sharpened and presented in a kraft box:

  • I’ve got pins and needles
  • Will work for fabric
  • Quilt until you wilt
  • Sew yourself happy
  • Quilty as charged.

About the quilt sticker on the pack

The quilt sticker on this pack is a photo of a quilt made by Iris in Christchurch, from her friend Cam’s fabrics. Iris writes, “Good friends are irreplaceable. After we lost Cam, I was given some of her fabrics. Recently I spent a weekend cutting them into simple squares and sewing them together. I will always be inspired by Cam’s zest for life, her enthusiasm and her ability to make things happen. We will never forget her but the lessons she taught us to live life to its fullest will stay with us all for ever.”