Single pencils

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Create your own magical pencil set or buy just one. A curated list of limited edition pencils.

The current list is:

  1. Rebel just for kicks (red)
  2. Make misteaks (red)
  3. Be kind (blue) 
  4. Nobody puts baby in the corner (blue)
  5. You can do hard things (wood)
  6. Go get 'em tiger (orange)
  7. Raise hell (pink) 
  8. Obstinate headstrong girl (red)
  9. Be a voice not an echo (black)
  10. Whatever you are, be a good one (silver)
  11. Everything you can imagine is real (green)
  12. Fuck cancer (white)
  13. Hey you, HB (red)
  14. Stay Gold Ponyboy (gold)
  15. Come sail your ships round me (blue)
  16. Stay wild at heart, and (orange)
  17. Ginger ninja (orange)

Five pencils will be sent in a branded Emma Makes box. Fewer pencils will be sent in a pencil sleeve.

Leave any special instructions at the checkout. My stockists also sell a range of singles.