Single pencils

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Create your own magical pencil set or buy just one. A curated list of limited edition pencils.

The current list is:

  • Rebel just for kicks (red)
  • Make misteaks (red)
  • Be kind (blue)
  • Nobody puts baby in the corner (blue)
  • Cat lady and proud (teal)
  • Go get 'em tiger (orange)
  • Maniac on the dancefloor (pink)
  • Raise hell (pink)
  • Obstinate headstrong girl (red)
  • Be a voice not an echo (black)
  • Fuck cancer (white)
  • Hey you, HB (red)
  • Stay Gold Ponyboy (gold)
  • Come sail your ships round me (blue)
  • Stay wild at heart, and (orange)
  • Ginger ninja (orange)
  • O Captain my Captain (red)

Leave any special instructions at the checkout. My stockists also sell a range of singles.