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Witty pencil pack


Pick a minimum of three pencils to create your own witty pencil pack. 'Add to cart' the pencils you want, then update your quantities at checkout.

Single pencils can only bought through my stockists.

  • Knit happens
  • Knitters gonna knit
  • Hopes & Dreams (with eraser)
  • Plans & Schemes (with eraser)
  • Meow is the time
  • I love my cat
  • Impress me human
  • Cat lady and proud
  • Nine lives still aren’t enough
  • A tabby in the streets/a tiger in the sheets
  • Bitches get stuff done
  • I'm a feminist
  • She is fierce
  • Smash patriarchy
  • Nasty woman
  • Sorry I'm awkward sorry
  • I can't adult today
  • Stay gold ponyboy
  • Choose happy
  • You are wonderful
  • No rain, no flowers
  • Pressure makes diamonds 
  • Normal is boring
  • Proud to be weird
  • Ginger ninja
  • Life is short lick the bowl
  • Hip hip hooray
  • I'd rather be op-shopping (with eraser)
  • If not now when
  • Come sail your ships round me
  • Maniac on the dance floor
  • I'm a fabricaholic
  • I write this sitting in the kitchen sink
  • I read dead people (with eraser)
  • You have delighted us long enough
  • Facts are such horrible things
  • Dear Mr Darcy
  • Obstinate headstrong girl
  • I’m a fan of literature
  • Brevity is the soul of wit
  • To thine own self be true
  • To be or not to be
  • Afternoon naps
  • Wild adventures
  • Midnight bonfires
  • River swims
  • Road trips
  • O captain my captain
  • Teachers have more class
  • I'm above standard
  • I've got essential skills
  • Teachers gonna teach
  • An apple for the teacher 
  • World's best teacher 
  • Stay classy 
  • Teachers have more class 
  • You're teacherrific 
  • 25 April is Anzac Day
  • 1840 Treaty of Waitangi signed
  • 1893 World’s first votes for women pencil
  • 1987 NZ goes nuclear free pencil
  • 1953 Hillary conquered Everest pencil
  • Meet me at the mistletoe
  • Meri Kerihimete
  • Jingle all the way
  • God bless us, every one
  • Joy to the World

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