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Create your own pencils

Custom pencils and pencil packs are just for you and they're a great way to stand out from the crowd. I'll work with you to create pencils or pencil packs that work for you, your event, or your business. Some people bring all their pencil says fully formed, others give me a theme and I do the work... either suits me. 

Years in the pencil business mean I know what makes a good, catchy phrase and I can help you add the magic to your work. 

Single custom pencils are $1.30 each with a minimum order of 100 in a single colour.

Custom pencil packs are $8.00 each with a minimum order of 100 of each saying. They'll come boxed with a single sticker of your choice. Additional stickers can be added for $50 per 100 pencil packs.

Email me at to talk about your special order.

Great pencils that other people have created

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