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Sell Emma Makes at your place

Email me at if you’d to make a wholesale order for your business.


I want you to stock cool merchandise so never worry that your shop is too small, or that your order won't be large enough. I'd love to hear from you.

The latest list of available pencils and prices is below. Email your numbers, I'll courier your order, send out an invoice, and that is due the 20th of the following month. You're free to use any of my pencil photos from my Instagram page to promote your wares.

Wholesale pencils

SINGLE PENCILS | $1.30 wholesale

  • Fuck cancer (red text, white pencil)

  • Nobody puts baby in the corner (white text, blue pencil)

  • Hey you, HB (white text, red pencil)

  • Ginger ninja (white text, orange pencil)

  • Come sail your ships round me (white text, blue pencil)

  • Feminist killjoy (black text, gold pencil)

  • Maniac on the dance floor (white text, pink pencil)

  • Choose happy (white text, blue pencil)

  • I came to slay (white text, black pencil)

  • Nope (white text, black pencil)

  • 1893 world's first votes for women (silver text, black pencil)

  • 1987 NZ goes nuclear free (silver text, orange pencil)

  • Raise hell (gold text, pink pencil)

PENCIL SETS | $8.00 wholesale

Office life
You’re on mute Barbara/ Genius at work/ Very busy. Very professional/ Should have been an email/ As per my last email

Sewing set

Are you thready for this?/ Itching to be stitching/ I’m a fabricaholic/ Make do and mend/ Sew on and sew forth

Quilters set

I’ve got pins and needles/ Will work for fabric/ Quilt until you wilt/ Quilty as charged/ Sew yourself happy

Knitters set

Knit happens/ I love a good yarn/ I’d rather be knitting/ Eat. Sleep. Knit. Repeat/ Knitters gonna knit

Cheer squad

Comparison is the thief of joy, I can do hard things, You’ve got this, I am enough, There will be better days

Feminist pencil set 1

Bitches get stuff done/ I'm a feminist/ She is fierce/ Smash patriarchy/ Nasty woman


Feminist pencil set 2

Unladylike, Nevertheless she persisted, The future is female, The patriarchy won’t smash itself, Be you not them

Feminist pencil set 3

100% that bitch/ Be a legend not a lady/ you glow girl/ riots not diets/ resist

Bicyclist set

It takes two to tandem/ Smiles for miles/ The journey is the destination/ Pedal pusher/ Velo love

Witchy set

You have witchcraft in your lips/ Moon gazer/ Spells for all seasons/ It's not my cat, it's my familiar/ You're a good witch

Rugby set

Living for the weekend/ Quick hands all round/ Rugby was the winner on the day/ Game of two halves/ Don't kick it pass it

Book lovers pencil pack

I'm a fan of literature/ I'd rather be reading/ Never judge a book by its movie/ I like big books and I cannot lie/ Book lover

Baker’s pencil pack

Taking care of biscuits/ Flour power/ I'd rather be baking/ Batter up/ Sieving the dream

Australia vs New Zealand

Marmite vs vegemite/ We invented pavlova/ Love thy neighbour/ Crowded house is ours/ You can keep Russell Crowe

Cheese lover’s
I’ll melt with you/ I raclette to inform you/ You're so cheesy/ My whey or the highway/ That's what cheese said

Be audit you can be/ Freak in the spreadsheets/ Eat. sleep. Accounting/ That about sums it up/ It's accrual world

Is there a doctor in the house?/ Not that kind of doctor/ Death by dissertation/ Ph.inishe.d/ It's not the blues, it's a PhD

Skater’s pack
Lutz go skate, Skate through life, I’d rather be skating, This is how I roll, Once more

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